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If you’ve landed here, you were likely recommended for not just our service, but the exceptional experience and true partnership we offer based on reliability and transparency.

Why Choose GOATT Taxi Trucks

GOATT Taxi Trucks sets itself apart through personalised service, advanced technology, and clear communication:

  • Personalised Service: Direct access to fleet controllers ensures tailored logistics and exceptional customer support.

  • Advanced Technology: Leveraging AI and automation with TransVirtual for real-time tracking and efficient scheduling.

  • Versatile Fleet: Over 150 diverse vehicles, including Tautliners and Flat Top Semis, to meet all your logistics needs.

Our Services

We specialise in partnering with businesses to optimise efficiencies through route optimisation and the benefits of outsourcing to a well-trained fleet. Our diverse fleet includes 2 Tonne Vans and up, such as Tautliners, Flat Top Semis, Semi Tautliners, B Doubles, Drop Decks, with Mezzanines and Tailgates as options. Serving Melbourne and regional Victoria, we ensure your logistics are handled with reliability and transparency.

Permanent Hire

Secure a dedicated vehicle and driver for your long-term logistics needs, ensuring consistent and reliable service.

Part-Time Hire

Flexible options for businesses requiring logistics support on a part-time basis, perfect for managing varying workloads.

Ad-Hoc Taxi Truck Requirements

On-demand taxi truck services for unexpected or irregular delivery needs, providing quick and efficient solutions.

Stock Transfers

We are known for efficient stock or store transfers, working closely with Distribution Centres and 3PLs to ensure smooth and reliable operations.

Timeslot Management

We excel in managing contracted time slots, solving issues where poor time slot management previously risked contracts and incurred penalties for our clients.


Core reasons why GOATT retain their clients

Significant Cost Savings

Outsourcing logistics to GOATT can save your business 10-30% on transportation costs. Avoid the high expenses of maintaining an in-house fleet, including vehicle purchase, maintenance, and staffing.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Around 80% of customers stop buying after a poor delivery experience. GOATT ensures reliable, timely deliveries, improving your customer satisfaction and loyalty

Increased Operational Efficiency

Using advanced route optimisation and real-time tracking, GOATT can save up to 15% in logistics costs, ensuring faster and more efficient deliveries

Direct Communication with Allocators

With GOATT, there’s no need for customer service intermediaries. You’ll speak directly with our allocators, streamlining the process and ensuring your needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Extensive Variety

Over 150 different vehicles. Ranging from 2 Tonne Vans up to B-Doubles. Suitable for varied logistic requirements.

Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

How does GOATT ensure timely deliveries?

We use real-time tracking and efficient scheduling to guarantee punctuality, ensuring your deliveries arrive as planned.

What communication methods does GOATT use for updates?

We maintain open, consistent communication, providing regular updates and being readily available for any inquiries. via Email, SMS and calls along with live updates in our portal.

How transparent is GOATT's pricing?

Our pricing is straightforward, with no hidden fees, allowing for clear budgeting and financial planning.

Can GOATT handle various logistic requirements?

Yes, our services are tailored to meet the specific logistic needs of different industries.

What steps does GOATT take to avoid delayed shipments?

We proactively manage schedules and employ technology to minimise delays and maintain smooth operations.

What trucks are on your fleet?

The fleet of GOAT Taxi Trucks includes a variety of vehicle types to cater to different transport needs. This includes Tautliners, Flat Top Semis, Semi Tautliners, B Doubles, Drop Decks, Mezzanine Semis, and Mezz B Doubles. They also have vehicles equipped with Hydraulic Tailgates. This diverse fleet operates 24/7 in Metropolitan Melbourne and Country Victoria, ensuring flexibility for different cargo and transportation requirements.

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